Puddles in the Rain

Great puddle shots in the rain are tough to find.

There’s the famous one by Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Puddle Jumper

But I really feel that the constant practice of photography engendered by the Internet’s social media has turned photography into a daily practice and that the 21st century has already done better than this classic on thousands of photos.

I’ve chosen two.

There’s this photo produced commercially as an ad for clothing rentals:

21st century puddle jumper

Also there’s this photo by Ted Chin:

puddle jumping

The Challenge of Sydney Summer Rain by Trent Parke


This photo taken by Trent Parke in 1998 screams of many contrasts: light and dark, wet and dry, soft and harsh, under-exposed and over-exposed. The last contrast seems quite intentional given Parke’s oeuvre. He was a sports photographer (Street Photography Now, p. 129) and this has given him the speed, reflexes and confidence needed to take some chances by not using traditional apertures and shutter speeds, and yet yield great results. For example, in the above photo, given the same composition a street photographer would go for 1/250th of a second and as much depth of field as possible. While still keeping the same depth of field, Parke intentionally goes for a longer exposure, despite having adequate light, and ends up creating the play of light with the rain.

The challenge behind this photo is that you should take photos even if the weather is far from ideal. The reward is taking a photo way better than photographs of breakfast or comfy interiors.

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