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Chasing Fog in the San Francisco Bay Area

Enough folks have asked me how I chase fog shots that I’ve added useful tools / links I use to chase fog. 1) Is the government saying there will be morning fog? Check here first! 2) SFO Aviation data: If … Continue reading

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Instagram Hubs Are Bad & Are Just Link Farms

You open up Instagram. You see that someone has posted a photo you took. They say stuff like, “Congratulations, you have been featured!” Are they featuring you out of the goodness of their heart? While I was running the @IgersSF … Continue reading

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World Wide Instameet 10 in Berkeley

On Sunday I went to one of the World Wide Instameets happening at Berkeley. The hosts were Cory Maryott (Cal class of 2014), and Instagram denizen, Milkstachio. I personally brought some dahlias and sunflowers as part of a hashtag project … Continue reading

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Who To Follow on Instagram

Don’t follow anybody in the top 100 if you want a follow back. This elite group with at least 2.2 million followers only follows back an average of 222. That means your odds of getting a follow back are less … Continue reading

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Finding Photographic Inspiration from Tree of Life

Terence Malick’s “Tree of Life” is one of the few films that dares to answer the question, “Why?” Kubrick’s 2001 also made such an attempt but it didn’t quite have as clear of an answer in the way that “Tree … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Sydney Summer Rain by Trent Parke

This photo taken by Trent Parke in 1998 screams of many contrasts: light and dark, wet and dry, soft and harsh, under-exposed and over-exposed. The last contrast seems quite intentional given Parke’s oeuvre. He was a sports photographer (Street Photography … Continue reading

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Aperture in a 50mm Lens

I volunteered to do a modeling shoot, and I got to learn a bit about how what apertures to use on a 50mm f/1.4 lens. In this case, I was using a Canon 50mm USM f/1.4 lens. I don’t think … Continue reading

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5 Instagram Tips for Newbies: A very biased film photographer perspective

These are my tips for newbies on Instagram. 1. When you first sign up follow a few select friends that will follow you back. The Instagram community has suffered from the onslaught of spammers that actually sell fake follows and … Continue reading

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A Review of the Lubitel 166+

I’ve been shooting with the Lubitel 166+ and quite frankly it’s not as sharp as you’d get say shooting with an old SLR like a Minolta XE-7 or Pentax ME Super with a 50mm 1.4 lens. The Lubitel 166+ is … Continue reading

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Snail on a Leaf

How did the snail get on this leaf? The sprig that holds the leaf is so narrow .

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