May 2002

I was living in a Victorian on Frederick Street between Waller and Ashbury.

I was living with 6 other people. Half of us were part of Spinoza’s Coat and the other half weren’t. Not that created any tension, or anything.

The first big outing I went on after returning back home in San Francisco was seeing “The Royal Tenenbaums” at the Red Vic. All my flatmates were there as well as some folks from the Reverie. Most of them were either poets or musicians who barely made a living in San Francisco as barristas.

One of my flatmates started crying while she was watching the movie. I really didn’t get it at the time.

During that month, I volunteered a lot. I went to Bayview to fix bicycles because although lots of people ride bicycles in the Bayview, there isn’t a bicycle shop close by like in the Haight.

When I would go to the Reverie, I would write poems. I wanted to be like the poet barristas I saw.

Movie: The Royal Tenenbaums
Book: The Timaeus by Plato

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