Cloud Atlas Review

Cloud atlas is six stories happening in 6 different time periods, or maybe just 6 stories told in one.

I won’t go into the acting or special effects. I never felt that the story dragged yet for a tale with a vast epic sweep I can’t say I felt any strong emotion except for one part. This part takes place in a post-apocalyptic Hawaii and has something to do with karma. No spoilers here.

The film has a very strong stance on technology. It’s there in the background, but it can be heard loud and clear if you look for it. No matter what time period it is, technology is not a historical and progressive force. I don’t want to say that technology won’t save us or that it is bad. Neither is a message in this movie. Instead, the 6 stories all seem to be about freedom in some way and that can be achieved regardless of what the technology may be.

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