Day 1: Following Instagram’s Suggested Users

I cessed out and followed the entire suggested users list.

I posted 2 photos that I haven’t published and was very conversational in how I interacted with folks on the suggested users’ list.

Only 2 people liked, commented and followed me back:

I went through this exercise because of a well thought out piece written by Jason H. Reinhart. He likened the Instagram to being a place of inequity:

I see people out here with 20k who respond to literally every comment and interact with others daily. While I see some with 100+k and up not make any effort to thank anyone in their comments unless it’s to respond to a fellow instagramer who has 100+K themselves. Yet it’s those who are always on the Suggested list. Instagram has turned into what America has turned into, the rich getting richer and the poor struggle to stay afloat. I’m sad to see this…

What do you think?

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