October 2002: Planning for Travel

Reverse culture shock hit me. I was so happy to be back home, but now I was starting to see things I didn’t like. Unemployment sucked, especially since I didn’t qualify for any. Also, the wonderful social life I was hoping to have never came to fruition. I thought that by really spending the time to pursue my passions I’d have awesome people to hang out with, but I found myself reading alone a lot in different cafes. Sure I had my Tuesday nights with Spinoza’s Coat, but during the day, when most people worked, there was nobody to hang out with.

I started taking Greek lessons from Ken Quandt with about half of Spinoza’s Coat. He gave such an awesome description about Wagner’s Die Meistersigner and how it’d give balance and meaning to life as well as rock my world. His description was so awesome, that I booked a flight to the only place in the world performing it: London. My flight would leave in November.

Books: Aristotle’s Politics
Music: Fallin’, Alicia Keys — so nails my love and not-so-much love for San Francisco

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