November 2002: Opera

Music: Die Meistersinger
Book: Aristotle’s Ethics

The first opera I saw was not my favorite opera. I was hoping to get some sort of ecstatic experience out of it, but the whole time I was listening to “Die Meistersinger” in Covent Garden, London, I thought, “I need to get a job. I need to get a job.” That’s basically the message of the opera, so ya, the genius of Wagner at work.

London wasn’t exactly fun. I went out a few nights, got into a few random conversations, but didn’t make any connections.

Like any large city, if you can’t unlock its secret handshake within a few days, it’s really not worth the bother. You move on… in my case, I went up to Manchester…

I returned back from London feeling that I needed to find some sort of work, something that I was passionate about and that would pay the bills.

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