Social Media Marketing Is Not Photography

A photographer produces photographs. These can be sold, and if you sell one, you are a professional photographer. Photography is a trade. A photographer uses sales and marketing skills (now often in the form of social media) to sell photographs. What Instagram makes you forget is that photographs are used by brands to sell. Many […]

No suggested users have followed me back

Yesterday I decided to try to follow all the suggested users by liking really good photos and leaving genuine and sincere comments. At least one of them would follow back, right? Zero followed back. I am ok with this because I already have an audience I love. But if you are a new user what […]

My Instagram Process versus My Photographic Process

“Instagram is not photography… It is not a photograph unless you print it (on paper).” I first heard this idea from André Herman. This sort of photographic traditionalism or conservatism employs a subtle metaphysic. How could this be true? It is true in the sense that before photography not every portrait was considered a painting. […]